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The Correct Way to Measure Medical Web Video Length Before Beginning Production

The Correct Way to Measure Medical Web Video Length Before Beginning Production

Medical Web Video Length RuleHave you ever wondered why there are so many opinions on what the correct medical web video length should be? Probably because there are as many opinions as there are video marketers. Too be honest, I am one of them.

I have analyzed many videos, and there are optimal lengths for medical web videos. Some less than 60 seconds. Others can push 3 minutes. (Learn more by signing up for my free email series). However, don’t concern yourself with seconds and minutes. Rather, use this rule when planning your next video:

Medical Web Video Length Rule of Thumb

“The average person speaks 150 words per minute.” (Quora)

So, if you want a three minute video, your script should be 540 words. Or should it?

The rule above is a great starting point. However, it is not an accurate measure of the web video’s duration. Here’s why: Videos have more components than just doctors talking to patients.

Components that Affect Medical Web Video Length

  • Medical web videos have:
  • Introductions (tell patients what they will learn – 4-7 seconds)
  • Bumpers (doctor’s branding – 4 seconds)
  • Transitions (makes video more pleasing to the eye – average 1 second each)
  • Pauses (allows information to sink in – average 1-2 seconds each)
  • Calls-to-Action (invite patients to take action – 4-7 seconds)
  • Outro (doctor’s branding and contact information – 3-5 seconds)

Your video can easily “loose” 30 seconds or more to these video components. This isn’t bad, of course. These components make your medical video more professional. But, they will make your video longer than you anticipated if you stick to the 180 words per minute rule.

How do you get around this? Amend the original rule.

Medical Web Video Length Rule of Thumb – Amended

Instead 180 words per minute, consider the following rule:

“The average person speaks 120 words per minute on video.”

By following the amended rule, doctors can write scripts to meet a desired duration – up to 360 words for a three minute video, for example. Video components will be accounted for, making for a more professional video.

More importantly, however, valuable information for patients will be included and fluff excluded. Your medical web video length will be just right if you stick to the word count rule of 120 words per minute, rather than becoming frustrated when your video duration exceeds the target length.

How have you used the web video length rule of thumb in planning your medical videos? Let me know in the comment section below.


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