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Video For Entrepreneur Website

Abe Erickson

ALS #IceBucketChallenge Goes Viral

Abe Erickson

Embed Google Calendar Into Your WordPress Website

Embed Google Calendar WordPress Website

For a lot of small businesses, maintaining a public calendar is a part of everyday business. You have classes you offer or events you host – and Google Calendar is a great way to go. But you don’t want to share your calendar with every email address you get. You want to embed Google Calendar into your small business WordPress website.

Abe Erickson

How Long Should My Company’s Web Videos Be?

How Long Should Web Videos BeThere are a lot of blog posts out there that attempt to tackle the age-old question: How long should my company’s web videos be? I suggest that video length is not what matters, but it is the topic of the video that matters. It is all about content.

Businesses are producing short-form videos, long-form videos, and now bite-sized videos (here are 6 bite-sized, short form videos you can shoot for your business this week). And there are plenty of reports that identify which video length is better than others.

Abe Erickson

How To Disable Suggested Videos When Embedding Videos From YouTube On Your Website Or Blog

How To Disable Suggested Videos When Embedding YouTube Videos On Your Blog Or WebsiteWhen talking to business owners and marketers about hosting videos online, the conversation inevitably includes YouTube. Most understand that hosting videos on YouTube is a good thing: YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world today, owned by the number one search engine – Google. So, hosting web videos on your YouTube channel makes sense – you can optimize your video content for both your buyer personas and search engines.

But what if you want to embed YouTube videos on your blog or website. Won’t the viewer be distracted by YouTube’s “suggested videos” – especially a competitor’s video – when my video finishes? Yes, but…

Abe Erickson

6 Bite-Sized, Short Form Videos You Can Shoot For Your Business This Week

6 Bite-Sized, Short Form Video Ideas For Your BusinessThe ability to produce video content on-the-go and share it with the world is more accessible to the masses than ever before – and businesses of all sizes should be jumping onboard. Mobile apps such as YouTube Capture, Instagram (up to 15 second videos) and Vine (up to 6 second videos) make it possible for big brands to shoot bite-sized videos they share on social media. So, why not your business? And why not video?

Abe Erickson