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Amputees’ Transformation


Amputees’ Transformation

There are events in our lives that transform us. That transformation can lead us to new opportunities – opportunities to help and empower those who may have gone through something similar to us. Limb loss is one of those events. Watch the stories of four individuals who have experienced limb loss and live full and productive lives. For me, getting to know these four amazing individuals during production of “Transformation” transformed my life. I experienced a renewal; a new found vigor to also live a full and productive life.

This is why I love what I do: Harnessing the power of video to capture stories that uplift, enrich, and inspire.

If you know someone dealing with limb loss, please share this with them so they can connect with theĀ Amputee Coalition of America. If you don’t know any amputees, hopefully these very personal stories will touch your life. May these stories lift you up if you are down, and inspire you to press through your trials (opportunities?) to enrich those around you.

Abe Erickson